The Métis Urban Housing Association of Saskatchewan Inc. was incorporated in 1992 when member corporations from across Saskatchewan came together with the common focus to address the transition from Federal to Provincial governance of social housing. The individualism of the corporations has now transformed into a unified organization with a sense of security.

The following is an overview of some of MUHAS’s major accomplishments to date and what MUHAS could provide for your organization:

Métis Urban Social Housing Rental Program Operating and Contribution Agreement

This Operating Agreement is the first of its kind between a province and a Métis Housing Association and was signed by the member organizations in 2000. This Agreement took several years of negotiating and consultation with the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation and has allowed more flexibility in managing the housing portfolios.

Involvement in National Housing Issues

MUHAS has been involved with CHRA (Canadian Housing & Renewal Association). The benefits of being involved with these organizations include: networking opportunities, conference fee rate reductions, educational benefits, and many more.

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Staff Health Benefits and Pension Package

Funding was provided in the operating budgets to allow the member organizations to implement a comprehensive health and pension package to their staff.

Insurance Benefits

MUHAS members receive access to an unrivaled and exclusive insurance package that can save your organization thousands of dollars each year.

Association Staffing

The signing of the Métis Urban Social Housing Rental Program Operating and Contribution Agreement provided the corporations with an avenue to undertake new initiatives. In order to maximize what is available to MUHAS, yet not take away time that managers need to spend at their own corporations, SHC and the MUHAS organizations jointly provide financial resources to employ a Manager. This position manages the administration of MUHAS and assists the corporations with proposal writing, business planning, policies, procedures, and other areas as requested.

Métis Housing Trust Funds

Through negotiations, SHC and MUHAS developed a plan for the delivery of Métis Housing Trust Funds. An Agreement was accepted where the individual corporations received an equitable allotment of funds to carry out capital repairs on existing stock and construction of new housing units.

Business Planning

The corporations were provided with financial assistance by SHC to undertake business planning workshops to enable them to better manage their housing portfolios. Several MUHAS members have utilized this funding to review and revise their strategic business plans.

Staff/Board Training Workshops

Financial assistance was provided by SHC to facilitate training for the following:

  • Tenant Coordinators and their understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Maintenance staff training, including ‘WHMIS’
  • Board of Directors training on roles and responsibilities

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee is currently under review. In 2020 all travel and expenses for Board and Manager meetings are paid by the member organizations themselves. The book-keeping fees, administrative fees, legal fees, advertising fees, website maintenance, insurance expenses, CHRA memberships, etc. are paid from the membership fees.

Future Goals Include:

  • To continue to provide a united voice to all levels of government regarding housing issues and to advocate for future funding opportunities.
  • MUHAS has incorporated and registered the “Network of Non-Profit Housing Providers of Saskatchewan,
  • Assistance with website development.

New Strategies for Membership Growth

MUHAS is always open to partnering with other housing organizations, community entities, and government agencies. In light of developing a stronger voice and more resources for knowledge and experience, MUHAS has revised its bylaws to allow for voting associate members and, therefore, a larger voice in the community.

Associate Membership

Although The Saskatchewan Housing Corporation had been an Associate Member of MUHAS for several years. they no longer maintain a membership. Our working partnership with SHC was of immense value to MUHAS and its member organizations in helping to provide safe, affordable homes for our tenants.

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